Tuesday, 12 December 2017

8ELA-We worked on our novel today.  We finished reading chapter 1 then broke into our groups with each group focussing on one of the following topics:  plot, vocabulary, characterization, style, or independent research.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING AND SKILLS ASSIGNED YESTERDAY.

8SS-8M completed their Venn diagrams and they got handed in.  8B will work on theirs tomorrow.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We continued our work on push and pull factors with population.  NO HOMEWORK.

Friday, 8 December 2017

8ELA-We did Spelling test #11 and an Adverb test today.  We followed this up with some brainstorming about the main character of the novel study we are starting.  We also read part of chapter 1.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-We corrected questions on King Tutankhamen's Tomb.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We corrected the Population Review questions which were assigned yesterday.  We're looking to look at the natural environment to explain human movement and activity.  NO HOMEWORK.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

8ELA-We reviewed our questions assigned yesterday which provide historical setting information regarding our upcoming novel study.  We then looked at a map showing the Warsaw Pact/NATO countries circa 1955.  The main character of I am David travels through post-war Europe so it's important to understand some of the scenarios he may encounter.  We then had Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST #11 AND ADVERB TEST TOMORROW. READING JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We worked on the questions regarding King Tutankhamen's Tomb.  HOMEWORK:  TUT QUESTIONS.

7SS-We reviewed our graphs on population and worked on questions relating to the topic of population.  HOMEWORK:  POPULATION REVIEW QUESTIONS 1-7.

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

8ELA-I continued to collect signed Adjective Tests today--please return tomorrow, signed if you haven't already.  Today we corrected our spelling and skills with a special focus on how to answer the question:  How are you?  We also visited the Book Fair which will run to Friday, at lunch.  We had Reading Class and visited the Library as we always do on odd days.  HOMEWORK:  JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW.  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  "EVERYDAY IS EARTH DAY" Q 1-8 DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-Changed to ELA and used as a work period for the play we read in class.  We will make it up tomorrow when we use an ELA for SS.  NO HOMEWORK BUT...UNSCRAMBLE THIS LETTER COMBINATION AND GIVE ME THE NAME OF FOUR EGYPTIAN GODS.  FIRST CORRECT ANSWER GIVEN TO ME TOMORROW WINS A GOLD COIN:  IHRSSAUSHOISRTE

7SS-We summarized what we've been discussing regarding climate then shifted our focus to Land Cover and Land Use.  NO HOMEWORK.


Parent-Teacher Conferences begin tomorrow after school and extend to Friday morning.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

8ELA-8M received their marked Adjective Test yesterday so it was to go home and get signed; 8B got theirs today.  We read a play about earth day and learned to see this as another form of literature.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 10, ADVERB WORKSHEETS (x3), GET ADJECTIVE TESTS SIGNED.

8SS-We corrected Egyptian education and got to see that our Canadian system is the same yet different from one created thousands of years ago.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-No classes today.

Parent-Teacher Conferences begin Thursday after school.

Book Fair starts tomorrow.  Students will visit the sale and may purchase books.

Friday, 24 November 2017

8ELA-We did our unit 9 Spelling test and the Adjectives Test.  HOMEWORK: FINAL DRAFT OF OUR AMAZING STORIES DUE MONDAY

8SS-We had presentations/quasi-debates on who should have possession of the Rosetta Stone:  The Egyptians (they created it), the French (who found it), or the British (who won it through war).  HOMEWORK:  PINK QUESTION:  ROSETTA STONE DUE MONDAY.

7SS-We've been working on Climate and Weather.  Today, we worked on reading climographs and completed a worksheet which reflects the wettest/driest and hottest/coldest months in several cities in the five climate zones.  HOMEWORK:  CLIMATE WORKSHEET DUE MONDAY.

Parent-Teacher Conferences begin Thursday after school and continue Friday morning.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

8ELA-We were very busy today peer editing our stories.  We looked for figurative language/literary devices, a Collins-style sentence, character and setting details, and mood.  Of course, we want our stories to match our photos.  We gave feedback to our classmates and spent a small bit of time revising and editing for ourselves after the reviews.  We then shifted to Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 9, ADJECTIVES (ONE PAGE), SECOND DRAFT OF OUR GREAT STORY (PAGE ONE).  JOURNALS DUE FRIDAY.

8SS-We worked on questions about Egyptian Religion.  We can find the answers and a better understanding from the textbook, the "Eye of Horus" myth, and the website www.pbs.org/empires/egypt.  HOMEWORK:  EGYPTIAN RELIGION Q 1-7.

7SS-We heard from two presenters on Weekly Update today.  I handed out permission forms for a select number of students and would like them back by Friday.  We started learning about Climate and Weather.  NO HOMEWORK.


Report Cards were distributed yesterday.  We ask that everyone return the conference forms even if you won't be coming in for a visit.  Remember that all teachers are available.

Monday, 20 November 2017

8ELA-We corrected our Adjectives worksheets and I assigned the last page of the booklet.  We worked on a new spelling unit; it was a little tricky with all those double consonants.  We've been working on a fiction piece for the last few days and the criteria are clearly set.  We're trying to imitate the style of famous authors.  We wrote our first sentences last week and many people were impressed with our work.  Today we got started on the first draft.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING AND ADJECTIVES DUE WEDNESDAY.  FIRST DRAFT OF YOUR STORY DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We started learning about Egyptian Religion by reading a "love story".  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-No class today.


Report Cards were sent home today.  Within the envelopes, you'll find the form for 
parent-teacher-student conferences.  Please return it as soon as possible to get your desired time slot.  
Even if you will not be attending, please return the form either way to indicate your intention.

Friday, 17 November 2017

8ELA-We were very busy today.  We did our Ginormous Spelling Test (units 5-8), we finished Book Talks, I collected the index cards of the first sentence of our stories, and we had reading class.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-We corrected Egyptian Government and Society.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-I collect the Europe-Africa projects then we had Weekly Update.  We also started our next continent project.  HOMEWORK:  ASIA-AUSTRALIA PROJECT DUE MONDAY.

Report Cards out on Monday.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

8ELA-We did Booktalks today--its' always fun to see what others are reading.  It also gives us ideas for what to read next.  We also prepared for our fiction assignment.  HOMEWORK:  GINORMOUS SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  SENTENCE #1 DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We used this class for Boooktalks.  We'll catch up.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We worked on our Europe-Africa projects.  HOMEWORK:  PROJECTS DUE TOMORROW.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

8ELA-I collected the Term One Reading Assessment from yesterday.  We started working on a fiction writing assignment today.  Our focus is to imitate the style of great writers.  We're studying the techniques of Riordan, Crichton, and Rowling to name a few.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING REVIEW UNIT AND ADJECTIVES P. 165, 166, 169, 168 FROM MONDAY DUE TOMORROW.  CHARACTER AND SETTING WEBS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-This was a work class for the reading and questions on Egyptian government and society which we started yesterday.  HOMEWORK:  EGYPTIAN GOV'T & SOCIETY Q 1-7 DUE TOMORROW.

7SS-I collected the Americas project.  Today we started a similar project but focussing on Europe and Africa.  NO HOMEWORK.

Tomorrow the teachers play the students in a volleyball showdown in the gym at 1:00.  
Bring $1 or a tin for the bin at Holy Cross parish and you don't have to wear uniform for the day.

Monday, 6 November 2017

I was away on Friday so every class had a little bit of catch-up to do.

8ELA-We did Spelling unit 8; the focus was the tricky ei/ie concept.  We also corrected "All Summer in a Day" but need to use a bit of tomorrow's class to finish.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-We reviewed the definition of "technology" and how it applies to both ancient and modern day tools.  We read about Egyptian farming.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We had a special map activity in the gym today--it was a nice break from the classroom.  HOMEWORK:  WEEKLY UPDATES WHICH WERE DUE THIS PAST FRIDAY.

Early Dismissal tomorrow at 2:00 for staff meeting.

Early Dismissal Friday at 11:30 after our Remembrance Day service.  
Teachers will be using this time to make report cards.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

8ELA-We used our classes today for Book Talks.  This is where students present a novel to the class and give a short presentation on the book.  It is an oral version of the letters contained in the Reading Journal.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST UNIT 7 TOMORROW.

8SS-Classes today were used for Book Talks.  NO HOMEWORK.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

8B ELA-We read a story today and started working on the questions that went with it.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING DUE TOMORROW.

8M ELA-We started reading the same story as 8B but our class was cut short due to a special science presentation.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-I collected Pink Questions and checked Egypt maps.  8B got through the correcting but 8M did not--we'll do that tomorrow.  HOMEWORK:  EGYPT MAP QUIZ TOMORROW.


We had an irregular day today due to Halloween but it was fun.

Mass tomorrow at 1:30.

Friday, 27 October 2017

8ELA-We did our unit 6 Spelling test and I collected the non-fiction paragraphs and Reading Journals.  We read a story and worked on the related assignment.  HOMEWORK:  "OPERATION SURVIVAL" BY CICELY VEIGHY Q 1-7 DUE MONDAY.

8SS-We started our Egypt unit by considering how the natural environment affects our everyday lifestyle.  We then considered all the things we know or think we know about Egypt and thought about how the Egyptian environment affected their lifestyle.  We read a little from our textbook and learned about a study strategy we call the "Who's Who" chart and "Date Chart".  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-I collected WEDAY reflections the atlases.  We did Weekly Update and learned about the news.


Halloween is next week on Tuesday.  Costumes are welcome but there are guidelines for them; students have been advised and posters have been hung with these rules.  

A Halloween Dance Party is planned for Tuesday afternoon.  
Bring $1 to buy a treat from the canteen.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

8ELA - We did peer editing for our non-fiction paragraphs and went over Fiction notes.  We also had Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST #6 TOMORROW.  NF PARAGRAPH DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We used this as a work class--I met with some students regarding their paragraphs due tomorrow.  Other students used it as a Reading Class while others used it to complete homework.

7SS - We talked about WEDAY then corrected the Europe and Africa maps.  HOMEWORK:  WEEKLY UPDATE DUE TOMORROW.

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

8ELA-We reviewed a new writing assignment on non-fiction and had time to work on brainstorming and idea development.  We also had Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 6 (ASSIGNED YESTERDAY) PLUS NF PARAGRAPH PRE-WRITING AND ROUGH DRAFT DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We had class time to work on a set of questions on the earliest civilizations.  HOMEWORK: EARLY CIVS-OVERVIEW Q 1-6 DUE TOMORROW.

7SS-We corrected our North America and South America maps and did some oral quizzing.  We also started our maps on Europe and Africa.  HOMEWORK:  EUROPE AND AFRICA MAPS DUE THURSDAY (OUR NEXT CLASS).


Halloween is next Tuesday and the 7s and is are having a dance.  Costumes are welcome.  
A memo is going home today with more information.

WeDay is tomorrow.  Have a great day participants!

Thursday, 19 October 2017

8ELA-We did unit 5 spelling test and I collected Reading Journals.  We read another non-fiction article and worked on the related questions.  HOMEWORK:  "TELL THE WORLD" Q 1-6 DUE MONDAY.

8SS-We finished correcting Important Places and reviewed the Sort and Predict Chart.  We then worked on an "arts and crafts" activity where we reviewed events of the four early civilizations we've been introduced to and put them in chronological order.  HOMEWORK:  EARLY CIVILIZATION EVENTS CHART.  GET TESTS SIGNED.

7SS-We had Weekly Update presenters today.  We also reviewed the oceans of the world via the Ocean Dance and checked our maps from yesterday for mandatory information:  the oceans, the continents, equator, prime meridian, Canada, USA, Mexico, plus one other country.  NO HOMEWORK.  GET TESTS SIGNED.



Wednesday, 18 October 2017

8ELA-We correct our spelling unit and the non-fiction article from yesterday.  We then had Library and Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST UNIT 5 TOMORROW.  READING JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-I returned our unit one tests and reviewed them with students.  We then corrected our mapping assignment from yesterday.  HOMEWORK:  GET TEST SIGNED.

7SS-I returned our unit one tests and reviewed them with students.  We then did a quick map "quiz" to see what we know about the geography of the world then learned a strategy for remembering the oceans of the world.  We call this strategy The Ocean Dance.  HOMEWORK:  WEEKLY UPDATE PRESENTERS DUE TOMORROW.  PRACTICE THE OCEAN DANCE.


Pajama Day tomorrow if you bring $1.  All money raised goes towards Siloam Mission.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

8ELA-We read a non-fiction article about travelling in Cambodia and Vietnam today and had work time for questions.  HOMEWORK:  "THE MIGHTY MEKONG" Q 1-7, SPELLING UNIT 5, 8M SIGNED SPELLING TESTS.  JOURNALS DUE THURSDAY.  SPELLING TEST THURSDAY.

8SS-We started a new mini-unit today on the earliest civilizations.  We focussed on global locations and geography in each.  HOMEWORK:  IMPORTANT PLACES WORKSHEET AND MAP PLUS THE SORT AND PREDICT WORKSHEET.

7SS- No class today.


Pajama Day on Thursday.  Bring $1 with all money going towards Student Council initiatives.

Monday, 16 October 2017

8ELA-We did our unit 5 Spelling pre-check and learned many new words!  This was followed by Library and Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 5, 8M:  SIGNED SPELLING TESTS, JOURNALS DUE ON THURSDAY.

8SS-I collected homework from a random sampling of students; it focussed on the Compare and Contrast Chart for H/G and Farmers.  We did our unit test.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We did our unit test in the first period.  I distributed Weekly updates for this week then we worked on a map projection worksheet.  HOMEWORK:  MAP PROJECTION WORKSHEET DUE WEDNESDAY.

This Thursday is Pajama Day.  If you bring in $1, you can wear pajamas--not shorts and a t-shirt--PAJAMAS!  Money raised is going to Student Council initiatives.

No school on Friday.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

8SS-Today we watched the final video in the Human Prehistory 101 series (found above).  It illustrates some of the changes from the paleolithic to neolithic time periods.  We also worked on a set of questions.  HOMEWORK:  NEOLITHIC TIMES AND PERMANENT SETTLEMENTS Q 1-8.  EARLY PEOPLES TEST MONDAY, OCT. 16.

8ELA- We corrected our spelling review unit, read a non-fiction article, then had work time for a set of questions.  HOMEWORK:  "SURVIVAL SHELTERS" Q 1-6.

7SS-We learned about map projections today and worked on a comparative worksheet.  NO HOMEWORK.

Pajama Day next week on Thursday--bring $1 and you can wear pajamas.  
You can also bring in your order form to participate in that evening's movie night.

Pictures went home today.  Everything is on-line so please take the time to 
review the proof for necessary information.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I hope everyone had an extra nice extra long weekend and spend a little time thinking about all the good things in life.

8ELA-No pre-check today as we are working on a review unit.  We had reading class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING REVIEW UNIT DUE TOMORROW.

7SS-We corrected our Canadian Time Zones Worksheet.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-We read about Neolithic times and early permanent settlements.  NO HOMEWORK.

Information went home today about a popcorn fundraiser.

School Pajama and Movie Night information went out last week.  Buy your tickets early!

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

8ELA-We corrected Spelling unit 4 and "Solo to the Pole".  During our article correcting, we really focussed on how to write formally when referring to literature.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-We read about the life of early people with a focus on the "wants"; music, dance, and art were discussed.  HOMEWORK:  EARLY HUMAN DEV (WANTS) Q 1-5 DUE TOMORROW.

7SS-We made notes on the concepts relating to time and longitude.  NO HOMEWORK.

Immunization Day was today--some kids might have sore arms.

Tomorrow is a Thanksgiving Mass with a pep rally in the afternoon.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Human Prehistory 101 (Part 2 of 3): Weathering The Storm

8ELA-We used this as a work class for our non-fiction reading assignment.  We also used some of the time to watch two short videos relating to social studies.  We then had a Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING DUE TOMORROW. "SOLO TO THE POLE" BY CHRIS BONINGTON Q 1-7 DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-No classes due to early dismissal.

7SS-We corrected our worksheet on latitude & longitude and time.  I assigned a new worksheet on the same topic for extra practice.  HOMEWORK:  LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE - TIME Q 1-15

Human Prehistory 101 (Part 1 of 3): Out of (Eastern) Africa

Monday, 2 October 2017

8ELA-I returned spelling tests and Journals from last week.  We did unit 4 of Spelling and read a non-fiction piece called "Solo to the Pole" by Chris Bonington.  NO HOMEWORK OTHER THAN SPELLING.

8SS-We corrected questions from last week on early humans and discussed expectations for good non-fiction writing (in answer format).  We copied questions for our next topic.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We heard from the Weekly Update students who weren't able to present on Friday.  I distributed the articles to this week's Update students.  NO HOMEWORK.


Tomorrow is Picture Day.  Everyone is expected to be in uniform.
Tomorrow is Early Dismissal at 2:00 due to a staff meeting.

Wednesday is Immunization Day.

Thursday is Mass with an afternoon pep rally.

Friday - No School 

Friday, 29 September 2017

8ELA-We did our spelling test for unit 3 today and 8B reviewed their second draft nature poem while 8M chose the poem they want me to mark.  We did a group activity called "High Speed Poetry" and created poems about what we're grateful for.  You'll see them on the bulletin board by the statue of Mary.  HOMEWORK:  8B FINAL DRAFT NATURE POEM DUE MONDAY.

8SS-We read about how early humans lived and copied down a set of questions; these will begin our "notes" for class.  HOMEWORK:  EARLY HUMAN DEV (NEEDS)-PALEO TIMES DUE MONDAY.

7SS-We did a small Latitude and Longitude Quiz so ran out of time for Weekly Update; these assignments will be presented on Monday instead.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

8ELA-We reviewed our nature poems today and made notes on non-fiction writing.  HOMEWORK:  JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW, SPELLING TEST TOMORROW, 8B 2ND DRAFT NATURE POEM AND 8M FINAL COPY NATURE POEM DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We finished our notes on the Stone Age and Early Human Development.  We then watched a video by Khan Academy giving us further information on these two concepts (it can viewed below).  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-No class today but we're having a Latitude and Longitude quiz tomorrow. 

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

We were very busy today learning new material and practising what we're learning.

8ELA-We read and talked about three new poems today which were very different from the other ones we've read.  One class had a double and the other didn't so the homework is different.  HOMEWORK:  8M-NATURE POEM ROUGH DRAFT DUE TOMORROW.  8B-NATURE POEM BRAINSTORMING DUE TOMORROW--BE PREPARED TO WRITE YOUR ROUGH DRAFT.  BOTH CLASSES HAVE SPELLING HOMEWORK THAT IS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We reviewed work I handed back.  Many people did very well on the Chronology Quiz.  Today we learned history-related vocabulary and started to really READ our textbook.  We created a frame for notes tomorrow.  HOMEWORK:  VOCABULARY WORKSHEET DUE TOMORROW.

7SS-We used today as a work class for Latitude and Longitude.  HOMEWORK:  LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE WORKSHEET DUE TOMORROW.

Monday, 25 September 2017

8ELA-We did Spelling Unit 3, a pre-check and lesson work then we had our Reading Class.  I discussed recurring problems in the Journals so we will do them again this Friday instead of the Reading Conferences.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING DUE WEDNESDAY.  JOURNALS DUE FRIDAY.

8SS- We did our Chronology Quiz then we worked on a small group activity focussing on events from pre-history.  We created a timeline from the events we learned about.  HOMEWORK-FINISH TIMELINE.

7SS-I distributed the Weekly Update news to 5 individuals who will present on Friday.  We corrected p. 57 (Latitude and Longitude) then continued practicing this skill using a map of Canada and South America.  NO HOMEWORK.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Terry Fox Run
We got some extra outside time today as we participating in a Terry Fox Run around our school.  It was great to get some wonderful fall air into our lungs!  We were in colour clothes today if we brought in $1 as we fundraised for cancer research.

8ELA-We did our unit 2 spelling test today and some peer conferencing with our writing (mood poems).  HOMEWORK:  MOOD POEMS FINAL DRAFT DUE ON MONDAY.

8SS-We corrected the Measuring Time worksheet so we now know how to put things in chronological order, name the century of a given year, and to identify the years of a specific century.  We started an activity based on the human timeline and got a brief snippet of human accomplishments.  HOMEWORK:  TIME QUIZ MONDAY.

7SS-We heard from the Weekly Updates today and learned about Lupus, Lockport, London, and Uber.   HOMEWORK:  NOT NEW, BUT DUE MONDAY IS P. 57-USING LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE.  ATLASES NEED TO BE RETURNED.

Special Challenge for Grade 8
We've been learning about Origin Stories.  Do you know the origin story of Zeus?  If you do, be the first to hand me a brief summary of the story on Monday.  First one wins.  

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

We've been very busy learning about poetry and writing about it.  We're also setting a foundation for historical learning so much of our SS information has been abstract.  I'm sorry for not updating Monday and yesterday but we've been having sketchy internet service.

8ELA-Today we corrected Spelling Unit 2 (it was assigned on Monday).  We finished learning about mood in poetry; we read two poems and analyzed the poet's word choices.  We did some brainstorming together to perceive ourselves as a weather pattern/natural disaster.  HOMEWORK:  8B-SENSES/SWIFT-SLOW POEMS GOOD COPY.  MOOD POEM FIRST DRAFT

8SS-I collected the Team Deliberation Worksheet which was assigned yesterday and was a reflection activity from Monday and Tuesday classes.  We continued learning about Origin Stories and shared our learning.  HOMEWORK:  ORIGIN STORIES WORLD VIEW QUESTION.

7SS-I didn't see this class today as they aren't scheduled for Day 6 SS.  Due to the retreat, I didn't see them yesterday either.  On Monday, we did Weekly Update and learned about the news from our classmates.  I also assigned p. 59-Latitude and Longitude.  We'll be correcting it on Thursday.


We'll be participating in a school-wide Terry Fox celebration on Friday.  
Students who bring $1 can be out of uniform and wear colours. 
All  money raised will go towards cancer research.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Welcome Back!

Finally, I'm able to update this site.  I apologize for the late start--I was having some troubles getting in.  Anyway, here we are and we're ready.  This page will allow you to track tests, assignments, and  homework assigned in my grade 8 ELA and SS classes and the 7RC SS class.  I also like to post school news and general class happenings.  Sometimes, I also post special challenges for students, so stay up-to date.

8ELA-We did Unit One Spelling Test.  We then used the remainder of the class to finish our lesson on "Senses" and "Swift Things are Beautiful".  I collected Reading Journals.  We also updated Status of the Class, visited the library, and had Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SENSES/SWIFT-SLOW POEM FIRST DRAFT 8M ONLY.

8SS-I collected the 8B homework assignment on Primary and Secondary sources.   Last class, we learned about world view and why we think the way we do.  We discussed how our families, teachers/coaches, friends, education, religion, media, and life experiences affecting our values and beliefs.  Today, we worked in groups to discuss a statement.  We had to share our opinion and defend it, then reflect on our contribution.  NO HOMEWORK

7SS-We had our Weekly Update presentations today.  Five students told us about a newspaper article they read so now we're all a little better informed about world events.  "News" doesn't just come from Instagram!  We started learning about latitude and now know that these lines run in an east-west manner and are parallel.  NO HOMEWORK.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Welcome Back!
We're here to finish the last few months and to work hard towards our exams and final grades.  We have lots happening this month.  Science Fair is next week and the 8s are starting preparations for the tea.  Stay tuned for on-going updates.

8ELA-We did Spelling Unit #17 and I returned Journals.  We also had Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  JOURNALS DUE FRIDAY.  SPELLING DUE WEDNESDAY.  I AM DAVID PROJECTS DUE FRIDAY.

7SS-We had another project presentation.  We did an activity where we learned the importance of rights and responsibilities and thought about how to resolve conflicts.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-I returned Forms of Government handouts.  We started learning about citizenship in ancient Athens.  We read p. 127 and 130 from the text and used our Acremedes the Assemblyman handout.  NO HOMEWORK.

Monday, 20 March 2017

8ELA-Today we read the last chapter of our novel study I am David.  This was followed by chapter 8 review questions as well as end of novel activities such as the charts and map.  HOMEWORK:  I AM DAVID CH. 8 Q 1-9 DUE TOMORROW.

8B SS-We read a handout about a fictional character of ancient Athens and learned how democracy evolved.  NO HOMEWORK.

8M SS-We worked on note making charts focussing on forms of government that we learned about last class (Acramedes the Assemblyman).  HOMEWORK:  FORMS OF GOVERNMENT CHART AND COMPARING THE POPULATION CHART DUE TOMORROW.

No Journals this week as it is such a short one.  
No school Thursday and Friday, followed by Spring Break next week.
Parent-Teacher Conferences start Wednesday after school and continuing Thursday morning.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

8M ELA was switched to 8M SCI so the only homework for 8M ELA is the assignment from yesterday, that being Chapter 7 I am David Q. 1-10.  Homework is due tomorrow.

8B SCI was switched to 8B ELA.  We finished reading chapter 7 of our novel and had work time for Chapter 7 I am David Q. 1-10.  Homework is due tomorrow.

8SS-8M corrected the questions on Socrates.  8B did not have SS today.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We continued with our project presentations.

I am David movie permission forms were handed out yesterday and are due tomorrow.

Reading Journals are due tomorrow.

We had Reconciliation today during periods three and four.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

8M ELA-We read our novel's chapter 7 then had time to work on the associated questions which are found below.  HOMEWORK:  I AM DAVID CH. 7 QUESTIONS.  JOURNALS DUE FRIDAY.

7SS-We continued with project presentations.  NO HOMEWORK.

Due to our symphony field trip, there was no 8SS today.  8B also missed their ELA and so, will have some catching up to do tomorrow.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

8ELA-Today we corrected chapter 6 questions.  NO HOMEWORK.  REMEMBER THAT JOURNALS ARE DUE ON FRIDAY.

8SS-We finished reading an article on Socrates; this is very similar to the text book page and worked on the questions found below.  HOMEWORK:  SOCRATES Q.1-6

1.  What is philosophy?
2. a.  Who is Socrates (in one sentence)?
2. b. What is Socratic teaching?
3. a. Who are the Sophists (in one sentence)?
3. b. What is their teaching style/method?
4. Why did the Athenian leaders object to the teachings of Socrates?
5.  how could these teachings be a negative influence?
6.  In your opinion, were the leaders of Athens justified in sentencing Socrates to death?

7SS-We started our presentations on the UN SDGs.  More will follow in the days to come.  NO HOMEWORK.

We're off to the symphony tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, 13 March 2017

8ELA-I handed back the I am David Chapter 1-4 Quiz; they need to be signed by parents.  I also returned the Character Traits Web.  We had work time for the Chapter 6 questions.  This was followed by Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  NO SPELLING THIS WEEK.  JOURNALS DUE ON FRIDAY.  CH. 6 QUESTIONS DUE TOMORROW--THEY ARE FOUND BELOW.

9.  On p. 128, David thinks about what Maria’s parents said about him.  What doesn’t make sense to them about David’s speech?  Why does David’s speech make sense to him?                                                 /2

10.  Describe the imagery of the church on p. 130.                    /3

11.  On p. 131, David has entered a church and talks with a priest.

a)  The priest had been praying to Saint Christopher.  Explain why this is an interesting coincidence.                                                        /2

b)  What does David think about the priest’s ideas about there being only one god?                                                                    /2

12.  On p. 135, David discovers something exciting in a newspaper.  What is it?  What is the gist?  How does he react?  Why?               /4

13.  On p. 137, David has decided that life is no longer worth living because he remembers something.  What is it?  Why doesn’t he want to live anymore?  What is the purpose of his prayer?                    /3

14.  David meets Signora Bang.  Why does he like her?                       /1

15.  David discovers a photo album and focusses on a photo of Signora Bang’s friend.  Re-tell the friend’s story.                                             /5

16.  What would you infer/predict about Signora Bang’s friend?  The man?                                                                                                       /2

17.  The end of p. 147 and top of p. 148 is foreshadowing.  Predict what may happen based on this information.                                          /1

 8SS-Mythology Monday.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-Students continued on their  UN SDG project.  They are due tomorrow unless other arrangements have been made with me.  NO HOMEWORK OTHER THAN PROJECT WORK.

Last week I asked for help planning the menu for my Greek party.  This week, I need help with what to wear.  Consider me a wealthy, Greek women married to a citizen.  Plan my appearance.  One entry per polis.  Only the best plan, per class, will win.  Five points is the prize.  Make me look great!

Wednesday, 8 March 2017



1.  Define the following:                 /6
          a)  gracious    b)  contempt     c)  rebuffed        d)  absurd         e)  deception    f)  wretched

2.  How do the children respond when David encounters something new?  Why?       /2

3.  David wanted to read a book written before 1917.  Why?  Who are “they”? /2

4.  David’s hatred for Carlo is intense.  What do you think of David’s attitude toward Carlo?                  /2

5.  What is David’s reaction when the children want to play prisoner?  Why?     /2

6.  We learn that the man had been giving David milk and vitamins for as long as David can remember.  Make a prediction:  Why do you think the man did this? /2

7.  How does the children’s mother feel towards David?  How does the children’s father feel towards David?  Be sure to explain why for each.  /4

8.  Why does David leave Maria’s home?  How does he feel about this decision?        /2

 8SS-We continued learning about Athens.  We accessed the British Museum's website
 (www.ancientgreece.co.uk  Athens-Story and Explore) for more information about Athenian life and reviewed page 130 and 131 of our text.  I assigned four questions.  HOMEWORK:  ATHENS Q 1-3 PLUS 4 AND COMPARE AND CONTRAST:  ATHENS V SPARTA  DUE TOMORROW.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR SPARTA WORK IS DONE.  THE ATHENS QUESTIONS ARE FOUND BELOW.

Q1.  Identify two pros and two cons of being a Greek slave.
2.  Identify one pro and one con of being a freed slave.
3.  Offer a reason for a Greek polis to find slavery acceptable.
4.  Based on Olympia's story, would you rather be a slave or a freed slave?

7SS-We worked on our projects.  HOMEWORK:  PROJECTS


Monday, 6 March 2017

8ELA-8M corrected I am David chap 4 q 12-19.  8B was already done so had some free time plus half the class was away today. I collected the Character Traits Chart that was assigned last week.  HOMEWORK:  NO SPELLING THIS WEEK. JOURNALS DUE ON FRIDAY. I AM DAVID CH 1-4 QUIZ TOMORROW.  

8SS-Mythology Monday today.  We learned the myths of Prometheus and Orpheus and Eurydice; from this we sculpted human figures and wrote love songs.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-No class due to early dismissal.

I'm throwing a Greek-styled party and need a dessert idea.  I love walnuts and honey but hate yogurt.  Suggest a dessert, with recipe, that would meet my criteria.

One entry per polis--submissions due by 8:30.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

8ELA-We read I am David chapter 4 today then had some work time to complete the associated questions 12-20.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING #16, I AM DAVID Q 12-20 (#20 IS A PINK QUESTION)

8SS-We started learning about the Greek city-state Sparta.  We made notes using a Compare and Contrast Chart as we'll soon been learning about Athens.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We did an activity on the UN's goals for Good Business then worked on some reflection questions.  HOMEWORK:  GOOD BUSINESS Q 1-4.

Monday, 27 February 2017

8ELA-We started a new spelling unit today which is a review of the last four units.  We also had a Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING DUE ON WEDNESDAY.

8SS-Mythology Monday:  Today we learned about the myths of Echo and Narcissus as well as Icarus and Daedalus.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We corrected our work on Peaceful and Equal Futures.  We also did an activity which will demonstrate a current world problem dealing with city/population growth.  NO HOMEWORK.


Ti ene to onoma too vasilefs tis mythologias?

One per polis--5 points--before 8:40 Tuesday.

Thursday, 23 February 2017

8ELA-We corrected I am David Chapter three questions 1-9 and we'll correct 10 and 11 tomorrow.  8B corrected their spelling. We also had Reading Class with library and Status of the class.  HOMEWORK:SPELLING TEST #16 TOMORROW.

8SS-8M corrected their Greek Mythology questions.  8B had work time to do these questions.  HOMEWORK:  8B ONLY--GREEK MYTHOLOGY Q1-6.

7SS-We corrected Healthy Planet q 1-5.  NO HOMEWORK.

We had a special guest today, Greg Selinger, our MLA.  He read the myth of Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Pandora to the 7s and the 8s.  He shared his ideas on the myth then his knowledge and experience.  We talked about getting involved in making the world a better place, as well.

For five points, make a list of all the ways the myth today is like our faith's origin story.  
One per polis.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

8ELA-The 8M class corrected their spelling then had work time for the next chapter of I am David.  8B had the same work time but we didn't correct spelling; it will be done tomorrow. I also collected the Pink Question Re-do assignments.  HOMEWORK:  I AM DAVID CHAPTER THREE Q 1-11 DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We used these as ELA classes as we had a presentation for the Manitoba Heart and Stroke Association.  There was lots of good information and we learned how to better care for our hearts.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-No class today.  Bring in permission forms for the Human Rights Museum field trip which is happening on Friday.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Back to Normal Today

8ELA-We worked on spelling unit #16 and had a reading class.  We spent time reviewing our last Pink Question and students were invited to re-do them if they scored less that 2.5/5.  HOMEWORK: SPELLING #16

8SS-Mythology Monday (on Tuesday).  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We continued our learning about the UN Global Goals with a focus on Healthy Planet and Peaceful & Equal Future.  HOMEWORK:  REFLECTIONS QUESTIONS ON HEALTHY PLANET (Q 1-5) AND PEACEFUL & EQUAL FUTURE (Q1-5) DUE NEXT CLASS.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Last Day of Catholic Schools Week
Yellow Day (for 8M only)

8ELA-We did our unit 15 spelling tests today and checked into the library.  WE working on our reading of chapter 3 of the novel.  We used our second ELA class to work on our SS questions on Greek mythology.  We also read through the myth "Arachne's Web"--that was fun!  HOMEWORK:  FINISH READING CHAPTER THREE OF I AM DAVID.

8SS-No class time but the questions from yesterday's class were assigned and will be due on Tuesday.  HOMEWORK:  AVATARS.  GREEK RELIGION Q 1-6.

7SS-We reviewed the idea of the UN's Global Goals of Sustainable Development.  We focussed on the four goals of a happy healthy life with an activity that got us thinking about how to achieve such a life if some of us don't have the basic necessities.  HOMEWORK:  HAPPY HEALTHY LIFE ACTIVITY REFLECTION Q 1-3 DUE TUESDAY.

No school tomorrow or Monday.
Mythology Mondays starts on Tuesday (see above comment).

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Today we celebrated Sports Day and did we ever!  8M strongly defeated all the other classes by 100 points and now get to steal a gym class from one of the other classes as the prize.  Great job 8M!

8ELA-We corrected unit 15 spelling today and read from chapter three of I am David.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW. RETURN SIGNED TESTS.

8SS-We read about Greek religion which is what we call mythology.  We discussed how this information actually surrounds us in our everyday world, whether it be in our language or pop culture.  NO HOMEWORK.  HOW'S YOUR AVATAR?

Tomorrow is the final day of Catholic Schools Week and 8M has the colour yellow.  
Please come dressed in sunshine from head to toe.  
Every class has an assigned colour.  What's yours?
We'll be playing musical chairs tomorrow for points which will be followed by a Lip Synch Battle 
in the gym for everyone.  The prize for most points will be an Electronics Day; come prepared!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Day Two of Catholic Schools Week - Happy St. Valentine's Day

8ELA-We read a little of I am David then used the time to go over an upcoming activity for Social Studies called Mythology Monday.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 15.

8SS-We corrected Greek geography, including a map.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We corrected the Global Goals assignment q 1-6.  NO HOMEWORK.



Monday, 13 February 2017

First Day of Catholic Schools Week - Pajama Day

It was great to see so many students in the fuzzy, warm pajamas scoring points for their class!

8ELA-We started a new unit in spelling today; it focussed on the suffix -ion.  8B corrected the I am David questions 10-15. I handed out the corrected adverb test and preposition/conjunction test for review.  HOMEWORK:  RETURN SIGNED TESTS, INCLUDING THE ULTRA SPELLING TEST TOMORROW, SPELLING DUE WEDNESDAY.  JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-No class due to special activities.

7SS-Not scheduled today.

To my grade 8 students
I'm so glad you've checked out my blog today.  
As you know, we'll be starting a special learning activity in Social Studies which will help us learn Greek mythology.  We'll be doing this in teams.  So, to get you started, since you followed instructions and checked out this page, I have a bonus activity.  
The question is based on the Geography lesson we did in class last week and 
we'll be correcting tomorrow.  
Write your answer on looseleaf and hand it in BEFORE 8:40.  
If your answer is correct, your team will be awarded an extra three points next week 
when we start the game.  
Question:  Identify the three brothers who live on Mount Olympus.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

8ELA-We corrected unit 15 spelling and the rest of our preposition booklet.  This was followed by Library and Reading class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST FRIDAY, PREP/CONJ TEST FRIDAY, I AM DAVID CHARACTER TRAITS AND DAVID'S WORLD IN RUINS-PART THREE DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We worked on a civilization web.  This takes what we've learned about five ancient civilization and apply categories to the enduring characteristics.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We began our work with the Global Goals today by watching Malala introduce a video on the topic and starting reading about them.  NO HOMEWORK.