Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Today we celebrated Sports Day and did we ever!  8M strongly defeated all the other classes by 100 points and now get to steal a gym class from one of the other classes as the prize.  Great job 8M!

8ELA-We corrected unit 15 spelling today and read from chapter three of I am David.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW. RETURN SIGNED TESTS.

8SS-We read about Greek religion which is what we call mythology.  We discussed how this information actually surrounds us in our everyday world, whether it be in our language or pop culture.  NO HOMEWORK.  HOW'S YOUR AVATAR?

Tomorrow is the final day of Catholic Schools Week and 8M has the colour yellow.  
Please come dressed in sunshine from head to toe.  
Every class has an assigned colour.  What's yours?
We'll be playing musical chairs tomorrow for points which will be followed by a Lip Synch Battle 
in the gym for everyone.  The prize for most points will be an Electronics Day; come prepared!

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