Monday, 6 March 2017

8ELA-8M corrected I am David chap 4 q 12-19.  8B was already done so had some free time plus half the class was away today. I collected the Character Traits Chart that was assigned last week.  HOMEWORK:  NO SPELLING THIS WEEK. JOURNALS DUE ON FRIDAY. I AM DAVID CH 1-4 QUIZ TOMORROW.  

8SS-Mythology Monday today.  We learned the myths of Prometheus and Orpheus and Eurydice; from this we sculpted human figures and wrote love songs.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-No class due to early dismissal.

I'm throwing a Greek-styled party and need a dessert idea.  I love walnuts and honey but hate yogurt.  Suggest a dessert, with recipe, that would meet my criteria.

One entry per polis--submissions due by 8:30.

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