Friday, 22 September 2017

Terry Fox Run
We got some extra outside time today as we participating in a Terry Fox Run around our school.  It was great to get some wonderful fall air into our lungs!  We were in colour clothes today if we brought in $1 as we fundraised for cancer research.

8ELA-We did our unit 2 spelling test today and some peer conferencing with our writing (mood poems).  HOMEWORK:  MOOD POEMS FINAL DRAFT DUE ON MONDAY.

8SS-We corrected the Measuring Time worksheet so we now know how to put things in chronological order, name the century of a given year, and to identify the years of a specific century.  We started an activity based on the human timeline and got a brief snippet of human accomplishments.  HOMEWORK:  TIME QUIZ MONDAY.

7SS-We heard from the Weekly Updates today and learned about Lupus, Lockport, London, and Uber.   HOMEWORK:  NOT NEW, BUT DUE MONDAY IS P. 57-USING LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE.  ATLASES NEED TO BE RETURNED.

Special Challenge for Grade 8
We've been learning about Origin Stories.  Do you know the origin story of Zeus?  If you do, be the first to hand me a brief summary of the story on Monday.  First one wins.  

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