Friday, 16 December 2016

8ELA-  Today we did our unit 10 spelling test and lots of us got Santa stickers for a perfect score.  We then did our skills test on sentence types and structure.  The 8B class helped Student Council with Candy Cane messages so they'd be delivered on time.  During 8M's second class, they enjoyed the treats.  NO HOMEWORK TODAY.

Raffle tickets are due Tuesday.  PLEASE be sure to have them in on time!

Monday, 12 December 2016

8ELA-We did our precheck and the work for spelling unit 10 and continued our skills work in sentence structure.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING #10 AND SKILLS BOOKLET TO COMPLETION--DUE WEDNESDAY.

8SS-No SS for 8B but 8M corrected the work for Egyptian Architecture and Egyptian Art.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We corrected our homework on Population then did some brainstorming on why people leave their home countries.  NO HOMEWORK.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Recovered from Shovelling?

Many students were missing yesterday so it wasn't possible to move forward or start the planned new material.  However, mostly everyone was back today so school returned to normal.

8ELA-We corrected spelling #9 and skills (which focussed on correct sentence structure).  We had library and Reading Class.  NO HOMEWORK

7SS-I collected our paragraph assignments on climate change and met with students who were away.  We made predictions of population based on what we've learned so far, specifically climate, land cover, and land use. We learned the top ten most populated countries in the world and noted that 7 of them come from Asia.  We also learned that Nigeria is experiencing rapid population growth while other populous countries are experiencing population slow down.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-I collected pink questions on the Rosetta Stone.  We corrected the questions on Development of Writing and had a quasi-debate.  NO HOMEWORK.

Monday, 5 December 2016

A Busy Monday
We celebrated our second Advent service this morning.
8ELA-We did a new spelling using and a skills unit focussing on complete sentences.  This was followed by Library and Reading class.  8M missed their Reading due to the Advent service.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING #9 AND SKILLS-SENTENCES (4 PAGES).

8SS - We learned about hieroglyphs today and the Rosetta Stone.  We have a decision to make about it too.  HOMEWORK:  DEVELOPMENT OF WRITING Q 1-4 (INCLUDING THE PINK QUESTION)

7SS-We reviewed our notes on Land Cover and Land Use from last week.  We worked on our Land Cover worksheet and made predictions as to whether a country will be densely populated or not based on Land Use.  HOMEWORK:  LAND COVER WORKSHEET.

Monday, 28 November 2016

First Day of Advent
We celebrate together in the MPR first thing this morning and we're eagerly awaiting Christmas!

8ELA-We reviewed our Ginormous Spelling Test and Pronoun Test.  These went home for signing.  8M peer conferenced on their Soldier Letters. 8B had work time to start integrating research into their letters. Lots of us had to visit the library since this is a short week and don't want to be caught without a book for the extra long weekend.  HOMEWORK:  8M FINAL DRAFT-SOLDIER LETTERS DUE TOMORROW.  8B FIRST VERSION OF FINAL DRAFT-SOLDIER LETTERS DUE TOMORROW.  GET TESTS SIGNED.

8SS-Due to the Advent Service, I used this time for ELA.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We did a quick oral quiz on world geography then quickly moved into our climate lesson.  We started correcting and will finish tomorrow.  NO HOMEWORK.

Please remember that parent-Teacher Conferences begin Wednesday afternoon and continue on Thursday morning.  Therefore, there will be no school on Thursday and Friday.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Christmas Season Has Arrived
Our first Advent celebration will be this coming Monday.  We've been decorating our doors for the Student Council Best Dressed Door Contest and we've been decorating our school.  Report cards were handed out this past Monday and teachers have been busy arranging conferences with families.  Today, the teachers are playing volleyball against the boy and girl teachers, so let's pray no one got injured...of course, I'm referring to teachers.

8ELA-We did our multi-unit spelling test and our pronoun unit test. I also collected Journals.  8M had time to do their door and general school decorating.  We've been working on expressing our feelings about war through fiction reading, on-line research, and letter writing.  HOMEWORK:  8M-SOLDIER LETTER FINAL DRAFT, 8B-SOLDIER LETTER RESEARCH.

7GSS-We continued learning about climate via a worksheet that had us use climographs to better understand the climate at different point of latitude and within different zones.  We then took the time to analyze a global climate map looking for patterns or uniqueness among the continents.  HOMEWORK:  CLIMATE WORKSHEET.

8SS-Due to the teacher-student volleyball game, students didn't get their SS class.  However, yesterday we learned about education in ancient Egypt.  HOMEWORK:  EGYPTIAN EDUCATION Q 1-6.

Monday, 7 November 2016

8ELA-We used this as a flex class during which students who were missing assignments or needed to re-do work, were given time to meet with me to discuss their work or to get started on outstanding work.  NO HOMEWORK.  NO SPELLING THIS WEEK.  JOURNALS DUE ON WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY.

8SS-We started thinking about technology in modern times and in ancient times.  We began thinking about a definition for the word that would apply for both the pointy stick and the most up-to-date space ship.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We began looking at Asia and Australia today noticing that this part of the world has lots of islands.  HOMEWORK:  ASIA MAP DUE TOMORROW.


Thursday, 3 November 2016

Long Time, No Talk
Things have been so busy I haven't been able to update the blog.  Don't worry!  We're back on track.

8ELA-Today we read "The Rabbit" by R. P. MacIntyre and worked on questions to go with it.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  VERB TEST TOMORROW.  "THE RABBIT" Q 1-6 DUE TOMORROW.  NO JOURNALS TOMORROW.

8SS- Yesterday we read about the geography of Egypt and the importance of the Nile River.  HOMEWORK:  EGYPTIAN GEOGRAPHY Q 1-3, PLUS 4 PLUS THE EGYPT MAP.

7SS-In yesterday's class we worked on our second continent project.  Last unit had us working with a partner but this time, we're on our own.  It wasn't for homework and we didn't have a class today.  We'll be working on it tomorrow.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

8ELA-We read "All Summer In a Day" by Ray Bradbury and followed it up with questions.  We then had Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  "ALL SUMMER IN A DAY" Q 1-7.  JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-Started a new unit learning that all early civilizations started up along a river near a larger body of water.  HOMEWORK:  IMPORTANT PLACES:  EARLY CIVILIZATIONS.

7SS-We corrected the Europe and Africa maps and reviewed our next project on these same continents. HOMEWORK:  WEEKLY UPDATE.  EUROPE/AFRICA QUIZ ON MONDAY.

**Halloween party on Monday.  Come in a great costume and win spooktacular prizes!  
Bring a dollar for great party treats.

Monday, 24 October 2016

8ELA-We worked on Spelling Unit 6 today which focussed on the schwa sound.  We also continued working on irregular verbs and those verbs that are easily confused.  We then corrected "Operation Survival" by Cicely Veighey.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 6 AND SKILLS P. 152, 153, 154, AND 155.

8SS-We had time to touch base with project partners and finalize our unit projects.  HOMEWORK:  UNIT ONE TEST TOMORROW.

7SS-We did the Americas Test then did some exploring of Europe in our atlas.  NO HOMEWORK.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

8ELA-We did our spelling tests today and lots of people got 20/20--good job!  We then shifted gears and read a story called "Operation Survival" by Cicely Veighey.  What a great ending it was!  HOMEWORK:  "OPERATION SURVIVAL" QUESTIONS 1-7 DUE MONDAY.

8SS-We continued working on our unit projects; they are due Monday.  HOMEWORK:  TEST ON TUESDAY, PROJECTS DUE MONDAY.

7SS-I collected our North/South America projects.  We had some leftover time so we played the Geo game.  Good job Ava for winning a gold coin!  HOMEWORK:  N/S AMERICA QUIZ ON MONDAY.


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

8ELA-We corrected Spelling Unit 5 then the Skills (grammar) worksheets.  Instead of a Reading Class for our second period, both classes voted to have an extra SS class and students worked on their projects.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  NON-FICTION PARAGRAPH.

8SS-We worked on our unit projects:  Prehistory Story or Imaginary Civilization.  HOMEWORK:  UNIT PROJECT DUE MONDAY.  UNIT TEST MONDAY.

7SS-We continued working on our unit projects focussing on North and South America.  HOMEWORK:  UNIT PROJECT DUE TOMORROW.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

8SS-I introduced the unit project and students had work time.  They needed to choose between working alone and working with a partner and they had to choose between two projects.  We will have class work time tomorrow and Thursday.  Students will need to complete the work during their long weekend (there's no school on Friday).  Monday's class will be for final touches and coordinating with partners regarding the work done over the weekend.  NO HOMEWORK.  PROJECT WORK ONLY.

8ELA-We had time for peer conferencing and editing; our classmates reviewed our work and gave us both compliments and critical suggestions on how to improve our work.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 5 AND SKILLS PAGES 148-151 DUE TOMORROW.  NON-FICTION FINAL COPY DUE THURSDAY.


Monday, 17 October 2016

8ELA-I handed back marked Spelling Tests today--students need to put more effort into preparing for these large, multi-unit test.  We have discussed a study strategy so I expect marks will be better in the future.  We worked on Unit 5 Spelling today and a grammar booklet focussing on irregular verbs.  I assigned four pages from the booklet.  This was followed by Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 5, GRAMMAR BOOKLET PAGES 148, 149, 150, 151.  NON-FICTION PARAGRAPHS-ROUGH DRAFTS-DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We reviewed the concept of What is History? and Why Study History?  We also reviewed the idea of primary and secondary sources when studying history.  Students were assigned a Vocabulary Circle which reviews these ideas (great preparation for next week's test)--it is due tomorrow.  HOMEWORK:  VOCABULARY CIRCLE.

7SS-We orally reviewed the physical features of North and South America and did our Weekly Updates.  We then shifted gears and started our continent projects.  NO HOMEWORK.

**Please remember that there is no school on Friday.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

8ELA-We had Reading Class today which was followed by a theme class during which I introduced the non-fiction writing assignment.  Students must choose between four types of non-fiction and create a paragraph on a specified topic.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  NON-FICTION PARAGRAPH ROUGH COPY DUE MONDAY.

8SS-We discussed sources of history and the meaning of history.  We made notes and read our text on the topic.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We did a quick oral review of the physical features of North America then "explored" South America in our atlas.  We learned that lakes there have funny names.  Based on this quick look at maps, we made predictions on our worksheets.  NO HOMEWORK.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Welcome Back!
We had no Internet yesterday, so I wasn't able to update my BLOG--don't worry--we still did lots of work!

8ELA-We worked on our Units 1-4 Spelling Review unit yesterday and corrected it today.  We worked on verbs and tenses and corrected it today.  "Tell the World" was corrected today as well.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST FRIDAY.  JOURNALS DUE FRIDAY.

8SS-I collected Pink Questions and I made a cursory review of them and returned them students.  I discussed formatting rules and the general "how-to" of paragraph writing.  We corrected our Jericho lesson.  HOMEWORK:  PINK QUESTION RE-DO.

7SS-I collected the signed tests.  We reviewed North America geographic features on the wall map, then reviewed them again while corrected our worksheet from class.  NO HOMEWORK.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!
This coming weekend, we'll spend time reflecting on the good things in our lives and hopefully, celebrating with family and friends.  There was no homework assigned in my classes so I'm sure the students are thankful for that.

8ELA-We did the Unit 4 Spelling Test then used the remaining time for Reading class.

We were in Mass today and had a joyful celebration.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Early Dismissal Tuesday

8ELA-We had our Reading Class today.  We also continued our study of non-fiction literature with the article "The Mighty Mekong" by Adam McCulloch.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 4.  MEKONG QUESTIONS 1-7.
8MSS-We corrected most of Meso and Neo Times lesson.  We'll finish next class.

7SS-We used this is a study class for the test tomorrow.

Monday, 3 October 2016

A Busy Monday

8ELA-Skills Tests were reviewed in class and were sent home today for parent signatures.  We did Spelling Unit 4 with a focus on silent letters.  We'll be correcting on Wednesday with a test on Friday. These were hard words and will need students applying the Key Concepts we learned in class.  I returned two poems we worked on. Several students were asked to redo their work because so much of the criteria was not met.  All redo work must be turned in by Friday.  There were many excellent poems; some were moody and sad while others were calm and peaceful, some were about wonderful fall scents and some were about the sounds of autumn.  We then corrected questions on the short article "Survival Shelters".  Students are learning the characteristics of strong expository writing.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 4.

8SS-This was a class dedicated to answering the questions from last Friday.  The topic is Mesolithic and Neolithic Times.  HOMEWORK:  MESO AND NEO TIMES Q 1-6.

7SS-We used this for study time.  A test on unit has been scheduled for Wednesday.  Students need to be confident in their knowledge of latitude and longitude, map projections, and time zones.  HOMEWORK:  TEST PREPARATION.

**Please remember to bring in your can of stew or chili for our Student Council Food Drive.  Only four days left!  The house to bring in the most donations gets 25 points!  Good luck!

Friday, 30 September 2016

Yay!  Friday!

8ELA-We did our Unit 3 Spelling Test and Unit 2 (Nouns) Skills Tests followed by Reading Class.  I did conferences during Reading.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-We read about the Mesolithic and Neolithic times and copied down 6 related questions.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-Many student were missing today for the Science Club field trip.  I announced the test and gave a period for studying.  We will have another study class next wee before the test on Tuesday.  HOMEWORK:  TEST OCTOBER 4 ON LATITUDE/LONGITUDE AND TIME ZONES.  I ALSO COLLECTED TRAVEL ITINERARIES.

Please remember to bring in your canned stew/chili-beans for next week's food drive.  
Share your bounty!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

Another Beautiful Fall Day

8M ELA-We're ahead a class or two from 8B so we used our one period today to study for Spelling and Skills tests tomorrow.  We could have used this period to prep for our Reading Conference tomorrow or work another subject.  This was a general work class.  HOMEWORK:  STUDY FOR SPELLING TEST TOMORROW, SKILLS TEST TOMORROW.  PREP FOR READING CONFERENCE TOMORROW.  NO JOURNALS.

8B ELA-We corrected this week's Spelling and Skills lessons.  We then read the non-fiction article "Survival Shelters" by R. D. Lawrence then worked on questions.  HOMEWORK:  STUDY FOR SPELLING TEST TOMORROW, SKILLS TEST TOMORROW.  PREP FOR READING CONFERENCE TOMORROW.  NO JOURNALS. SURVIVAL SHELTERS Q 1-5.

8SS-We corrected questions 1-6 on Paleolithic Times.  Question 7 is a real thinking question:  How is it that if we all share the same ancestors (way, way, back in time), how is it we are all so different around the world?  We'll discuss this one next class.  NO HOMEWORK.

Food Drive--Please bring in your canned stew or chili.  Beans are also good.  The October Newsletter actually lists dry pasta; please know that that item is for November.  
We are looking for the canned items for October.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Fun Wednesday

8ELA-We had Reading Class today and 8M corrected Spelling and Skills, while 8B will do their corrections tomorrow.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-We did a quick oral review of our reading on Paleolithic Times from yesterday then we copied questions from the board and had work time.  HOMEWORK:  PALEOLITHIC TIMES Q 1-7.

7SS-We continued working on our Travel Itinerary, complete with map.  This was completed in class today and is due tomorrow.  HOMEWORK:  TRAVEL ITINERARY WITH MAP.

We had our first whole school assembly today.  We were introduced to Student Council and played a game called Get to Know the Teacher:  Part One and Two.  The teachers were good sports and Houses won points so everyone had fun.

Student Council October Food Drive starts next week. We're collecting canned stew or chili.  We're hoping everyone can contribute one item.  Not only does the winning house (and second place) win points, but we share our bounty with others who have less.  Please donate.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Busy Day

8ELA-We corrected the questions belonging to "Solo to the Pole".  While doing this we recognized ways to improve our writing regarding format and style.  Many of us didn't score well BUT we know how to improve our grades on future assignments.  8M proceeded onto the next piece of literature, "Survival Shelters" and was assigned five questions.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING AND SKILLS TOMORROW. 8M ONLY--"SURVIVAL SHELTERS" Q 1-5.

8SS-We learned about the reading strategy SQ3R which gets our brains ready to read and helps us retain information.  We read two pages from our text and learned about the earliest humans, their simple societies and migration around the world.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We worked online today planning an imaginary trip to two locations around the world.  We used our latitude and longitude skills, measuring time knowledge, integrated technology into our learning, and became more familiar with how atlases work.  NO HOMEWORK.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Hello Monday!

8ELA-Reading Journals and Spelling Tests were returned today.  Letters have improved but some small details need to be corrected.  We did a pre-check for spelling unit #3 then learned about nouns, specifically proper versus common and how to make singular either possessive or plural.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING AND SKILLS ARE DUE WEDNESDAY.  REMINDER FROM LAST WEEK THAT MOOD POEMS ARE DUE (GOOD COPY) TOMORROW AS ARE THE QUESTIONS FROM "SOLO TO THE POLE" BY CHRIS BONINGTON.

8SS-We learned about significant events from prehistory and plotted them, and other important dates on a timeline.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We had the Weekly Update and learned about self-tying shoes coming out next month by Nike, that only 57% of eligible voters vote, a bomb hoax evacuated all the schools in PEI, and that premium gas is a waste of money according to the AAA.  I collected the Map Projections worksheet and we reviewed our next assignment which has us reviewing latitude and longitude and global locations.  NO HOMEWORK.

Friday, 23 September 2016

8ELA-We did our unit 2 spelling test followed by peer conferencing for our mood poems.  We then made notes on Non-Fiction Writing.  We read the article "Solo to the Pole" by Chris Bonington and copied 6 questions relating to the article.  We discussed the expectations for grade 8 level writing.  HOMEWORK:  "SOLO TO THE POLE" QUESTIONS.  MOOD POEMS.

8SS-We talked a little about the definition of prehistory then we did an activity where we sorted dates into a timeline followed by making predictions of when historic events took place.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS- We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of globes and flat maps.  We also looked at different map projections and the impact on size and shape.  HOMEWORK:  COMPARING MAP PROJECTIONS WORKSHEET.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

8ELA-We had Reading class today followed by a theme class where we reviewed the concept of mood.  We read two creature poems from one of the library's new picture books and looked at how the vocabulary created a sense of mood.  We then reviewed the instructions for our assignment and had some work time to get started on our own poems.  Mrs. Munro modelled the process on the board with a poem about a pudgy bunny and another one about sadness being represented by a rainstorm.  HOMEWORK:  READING JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW.  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  SLOPPY COPY MOOD POEMS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We reflected on how origin stories among cultures can have similarities despite being half a world away from each other.  We also thought about what these stories teach us about a culture's world view and their values.  We began work on the new topic of time lines and chronology.  HOMEWORK:  MEASURING TIME WORKSHEET.

7SS-Weekly Updates were assigned today and will be due on Monday.  We corrected pages 61, 62, and 63 which reviewed our learning on time zones.  We began new material today on map projections and why having a globe on Mrs. Munro's field trips wouldn't be a good idea.  NO HOMEWORK.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

8 ELA-We corrected Spelling Unit 2.  I collected signed Skills Tests.  We continued learning about mood in writing.  We talked about creatures with mood-related adjectives and verbs.  Then we talked about how our feelings (anger, joy, sadness, etc.) could be interpreted through weather and what that would look like.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-Today we finished learning about origin stories and made notes on based on the Mayans, Iroquois, Chinese, Judeo-Christian faith, and an African culture.  NO HOMEWORK.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

7SS-We've been working on time zones so we spent time making notes on the important characteristics of time zones.  We then started working on worksheets to apply what we've learned and they'll be corrected next class.  HOMEWORK:  PAGES 61, 62, 63 lONGITUDE AND TIME.

8M ELA-I collected the Senses poems and signed tests.  We worked on Literary Devices (mood/sensory language) and did an activity using descriptive, sensory vocabulary.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 2, BRING BACK SIGNED TESTS.

8B ELA-We peer conferenced using our Senses/Swift/Slow poems.  We reviewed our Journals, spelling tests, and skills tests.  We made notes on Literary devices and did an activity using descriptive, sensory language.  We did Spelling Unit 2 Precheck.  HOMEWORK:  BRING BACK SIGNED SKILLS TESTS.  GOOD COPY POEMS DUE TOMORROW.  SPELLING UNIT 2.

8SS- We're learning about Origin Stories.  We read 5 versions from different cultures and pulled the major characteristics out of each story.  We then started a list to present to the class.  NO HOMEWORK.

Monday, 19 September 2016

New Blog- Welcome

So, here we are.  I've been having difficulty synchronizing my accounts, so I've simply created a new blog.  Hopefully, I won't have any troubles with this one.

8M ELA-I returned Journals, Spelling tests, and Grammar test and then I reviewed common errors and discussed ways to improve grades.  We did peer conferencing with our Senses/Swift/Slow poems which were assigned last week and now have a good idea on how to improve upon them.  We worked on Spelling Unit 2 with a pre-check and worksheet.  HOMEWORK:  GET GRAMMAR TEST SIGNED. SPELLING UNIT 2. SENSES/SWIFT/SLOW POEM DUE TOMORROW.

8B ELA and 8B SS were missed as we were doing our Terry Fox Run and enjoying the fall sunshine.  We'll catch up tomorrow.

7SS-We had the Weekly Update presentations today.  We continued learning about time zones from our textbook reading, overhead notes, and worksheets.  HOMEWORK:  WORKSHEETS P. 61, 62, AND 63.

8M SS-I collected the World View Worksheet which was assigned last week after our Team Deliberation Activity.  Today we started learning about chronology and timelines.  NO HOMEWORK.