Monday, 13 March 2017

8ELA-I handed back the I am David Chapter 1-4 Quiz; they need to be signed by parents.  I also returned the Character Traits Web.  We had work time for the Chapter 6 questions.  This was followed by Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  NO SPELLING THIS WEEK.  JOURNALS DUE ON FRIDAY.  CH. 6 QUESTIONS DUE TOMORROW--THEY ARE FOUND BELOW.

9.  On p. 128, David thinks about what Maria’s parents said about him.  What doesn’t make sense to them about David’s speech?  Why does David’s speech make sense to him?                                                 /2

10.  Describe the imagery of the church on p. 130.                    /3

11.  On p. 131, David has entered a church and talks with a priest.

a)  The priest had been praying to Saint Christopher.  Explain why this is an interesting coincidence.                                                        /2

b)  What does David think about the priest’s ideas about there being only one god?                                                                    /2

12.  On p. 135, David discovers something exciting in a newspaper.  What is it?  What is the gist?  How does he react?  Why?               /4

13.  On p. 137, David has decided that life is no longer worth living because he remembers something.  What is it?  Why doesn’t he want to live anymore?  What is the purpose of his prayer?                    /3

14.  David meets Signora Bang.  Why does he like her?                       /1

15.  David discovers a photo album and focusses on a photo of Signora Bang’s friend.  Re-tell the friend’s story.                                             /5

16.  What would you infer/predict about Signora Bang’s friend?  The man?                                                                                                       /2

17.  The end of p. 147 and top of p. 148 is foreshadowing.  Predict what may happen based on this information.                                          /1

 8SS-Mythology Monday.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-Students continued on their  UN SDG project.  They are due tomorrow unless other arrangements have been made with me.  NO HOMEWORK OTHER THAN PROJECT WORK.

Last week I asked for help planning the menu for my Greek party.  This week, I need help with what to wear.  Consider me a wealthy, Greek women married to a citizen.  Plan my appearance.  One entry per polis.  Only the best plan, per class, will win.  Five points is the prize.  Make me look great!

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