Monday, 20 November 2017

8ELA-We corrected our Adjectives worksheets and I assigned the last page of the booklet.  We worked on a new spelling unit; it was a little tricky with all those double consonants.  We've been working on a fiction piece for the last few days and the criteria are clearly set.  We're trying to imitate the style of famous authors.  We wrote our first sentences last week and many people were impressed with our work.  Today we got started on the first draft.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING AND ADJECTIVES DUE WEDNESDAY.  FIRST DRAFT OF YOUR STORY DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We started learning about Egyptian Religion by reading a "love story".  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-No class today.


Report Cards were sent home today.  Within the envelopes, you'll find the form for 
parent-teacher-student conferences.  Please return it as soon as possible to get your desired time slot.  
Even if you will not be attending, please return the form either way to indicate your intention.

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