Monday, 13 February 2017

First Day of Catholic Schools Week - Pajama Day

It was great to see so many students in the fuzzy, warm pajamas scoring points for their class!

8ELA-We started a new unit in spelling today; it focussed on the suffix -ion.  8B corrected the I am David questions 10-15. I handed out the corrected adverb test and preposition/conjunction test for review.  HOMEWORK:  RETURN SIGNED TESTS, INCLUDING THE ULTRA SPELLING TEST TOMORROW, SPELLING DUE WEDNESDAY.  JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-No class due to special activities.

7SS-Not scheduled today.

To my grade 8 students
I'm so glad you've checked out my blog today.  
As you know, we'll be starting a special learning activity in Social Studies which will help us learn Greek mythology.  We'll be doing this in teams.  So, to get you started, since you followed instructions and checked out this page, I have a bonus activity.  
The question is based on the Geography lesson we did in class last week and 
we'll be correcting tomorrow.  
Write your answer on looseleaf and hand it in BEFORE 8:40.  
If your answer is correct, your team will be awarded an extra three points next week 
when we start the game.  
Question:  Identify the three brothers who live on Mount Olympus.

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