Tuesday, 14 March 2017

8ELA-Today we corrected chapter 6 questions.  NO HOMEWORK.  REMEMBER THAT JOURNALS ARE DUE ON FRIDAY.

8SS-We finished reading an article on Socrates; this is very similar to the text book page and worked on the questions found below.  HOMEWORK:  SOCRATES Q.1-6

1.  What is philosophy?
2. a.  Who is Socrates (in one sentence)?
2. b. What is Socratic teaching?
3. a. Who are the Sophists (in one sentence)?
3. b. What is their teaching style/method?
4. Why did the Athenian leaders object to the teachings of Socrates?
5.  how could these teachings be a negative influence?
6.  In your opinion, were the leaders of Athens justified in sentencing Socrates to death?

7SS-We started our presentations on the UN SDGs.  More will follow in the days to come.  NO HOMEWORK.

We're off to the symphony tomorrow afternoon.

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