Thursday, 13 December 2018

8ELA-We corrected our questions on "With My Foot in My Mouth" by Dennis Lee.  We had a short Reading period.  HOMEWORK:  READING JOURNALS AND SPELLING TEST TOMORROW, VERB TENSES QUIZ RESCHEDULED TO MONDAY.

8SS-We started corrected our notes on World Religions.  NO HOMEWORK.

Please complete your Christmas ornament colouring assignment for tomorrow.

Bring $1 for pajama day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

8ELA-We had Reading period and followed it with spelling corrections and practising the perfect tenses.  We then thought about our best friend and read a poem about friendship and the love we have for that person.  HOMEWORK:  LIBRARY SANTA JOURNAL ENTRY, SPELLING TEST #12, AND TENSES TEST ON FRIDAY, "WITH MY FOOT IN MY MOUTH" POEM Q 1-6 DUE TOMORROW.  BRING A BOOK FOR READING PERIOD TOMORROW.

8SS-We continue our study of ancient world religions. NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We starting learning about population today; specifically, the ideas of more and less-developed countries.  We ended the class with a definition of standard of living.  NO HOMEWORK.

8M students need to bring in their research on a Christmas cultural tradition.  

Thursday, 6 December 2018

8ELA-We corrected spelling and had our silent reading period.  We spent some time working on the poems we read this week.  HOMEWORK:  NO JOURNALS BUT BOOKTALKS INSTEAD, PLUS SPELLING TEST, PLUS "ORANGES' AND "HAIRCUT" DUE FRIDAY.

8SS-We started a mini-unit on Antiquity today.  We'll learn where the earliest civilizations were located and why they grew there and we'll learn A LITTLE about the world's oldest religions.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We corrected the Land Cover Worksheet.  We briefly discussed our Cheerboard hamper packing and I reviewed the Reflection.  HOMEWORK:  CHEERBOARD REFLECTION DUE TOMORROW.  PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY (CLIMATE/WEATHER/LAND) TEST ON MONDAY.

To get us all in the mood for Christmas, Student Council is sponsoring an "Ugly Christmas Sweater" day tomorrow.  Students can bring $1 to be out of uniform and in something Christmas-sy and ugly.  All money raised will be donated to Siloam Mission.