Monday, 20 March 2017

8ELA-Today we read the last chapter of our novel study I am David.  This was followed by chapter 8 review questions as well as end of novel activities such as the charts and map.  HOMEWORK:  I AM DAVID CH. 8 Q 1-9 DUE TOMORROW.

8B SS-We read a handout about a fictional character of ancient Athens and learned how democracy evolved.  NO HOMEWORK.

8M SS-We worked on note making charts focussing on forms of government that we learned about last class (Acramedes the Assemblyman).  HOMEWORK:  FORMS OF GOVERNMENT CHART AND COMPARING THE POPULATION CHART DUE TOMORROW.

No Journals this week as it is such a short one.  
No school Thursday and Friday, followed by Spring Break next week.
Parent-Teacher Conferences start Wednesday after school and continuing Thursday morning.

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