Friday, 24 November 2017

8ELA-We did our unit 9 Spelling test and the Adjectives Test.  HOMEWORK: FINAL DRAFT OF OUR AMAZING STORIES DUE MONDAY

8SS-We had presentations/quasi-debates on who should have possession of the Rosetta Stone:  The Egyptians (they created it), the French (who found it), or the British (who won it through war).  HOMEWORK:  PINK QUESTION:  ROSETTA STONE DUE MONDAY.

7SS-We've been working on Climate and Weather.  Today, we worked on reading climographs and completed a worksheet which reflects the wettest/driest and hottest/coldest months in several cities in the five climate zones.  HOMEWORK:  CLIMATE WORKSHEET DUE MONDAY.

Parent-Teacher Conferences begin Thursday after school and continue Friday morning.

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