Wednesday, 29 November 2017

8ELA-I continued to collect signed Adjective Tests today--please return tomorrow, signed if you haven't already.  Today we corrected our spelling and skills with a special focus on how to answer the question:  How are you?  We also visited the Book Fair which will run to Friday, at lunch.  We had Reading Class and visited the Library as we always do on odd days.  HOMEWORK:  JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW.  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  "EVERYDAY IS EARTH DAY" Q 1-8 DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-Changed to ELA and used as a work period for the play we read in class.  We will make it up tomorrow when we use an ELA for SS.  NO HOMEWORK BUT...UNSCRAMBLE THIS LETTER COMBINATION AND GIVE ME THE NAME OF FOUR EGYPTIAN GODS.  FIRST CORRECT ANSWER GIVEN TO ME TOMORROW WINS A GOLD COIN:  IHRSSAUSHOISRTE

7SS-We summarized what we've been discussing regarding climate then shifted our focus to Land Cover and Land Use.  NO HOMEWORK.


Parent-Teacher Conferences begin tomorrow after school and extend to Friday morning.

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