Friday, 15 September 2017

Welcome Back!

Finally, I'm able to update this site.  I apologize for the late start--I was having some troubles getting in.  Anyway, here we are and we're ready.  This page will allow you to track tests, assignments, and  homework assigned in my grade 8 ELA and SS classes and the 7RC SS class.  I also like to post school news and general class happenings.  Sometimes, I also post special challenges for students, so stay up-to date.

8ELA-We did Unit One Spelling Test.  We then used the remainder of the class to finish our lesson on "Senses" and "Swift Things are Beautiful".  I collected Reading Journals.  We also updated Status of the Class, visited the library, and had Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  SENSES/SWIFT-SLOW POEM FIRST DRAFT 8M ONLY.

8SS-I collected the 8B homework assignment on Primary and Secondary sources.   Last class, we learned about world view and why we think the way we do.  We discussed how our families, teachers/coaches, friends, education, religion, media, and life experiences affecting our values and beliefs.  Today, we worked in groups to discuss a statement.  We had to share our opinion and defend it, then reflect on our contribution.  NO HOMEWORK

7SS-We had our Weekly Update presentations today.  Five students told us about a newspaper article they read so now we're all a little better informed about world events.  "News" doesn't just come from Instagram!  We started learning about latitude and now know that these lines run in an east-west manner and are parallel.  NO HOMEWORK.

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  1. Thanks for the update, nice to see someone using school notes