Wednesday, 20 September 2017

We've been very busy learning about poetry and writing about it.  We're also setting a foundation for historical learning so much of our SS information has been abstract.  I'm sorry for not updating Monday and yesterday but we've been having sketchy internet service.

8ELA-Today we corrected Spelling Unit 2 (it was assigned on Monday).  We finished learning about mood in poetry; we read two poems and analyzed the poet's word choices.  We did some brainstorming together to perceive ourselves as a weather pattern/natural disaster.  HOMEWORK:  8B-SENSES/SWIFT-SLOW POEMS GOOD COPY.  MOOD POEM FIRST DRAFT

8SS-I collected the Team Deliberation Worksheet which was assigned yesterday and was a reflection activity from Monday and Tuesday classes.  We continued learning about Origin Stories and shared our learning.  HOMEWORK:  ORIGIN STORIES WORLD VIEW QUESTION.

7SS-I didn't see this class today as they aren't scheduled for Day 6 SS.  Due to the retreat, I didn't see them yesterday either.  On Monday, we did Weekly Update and learned about the news from our classmates.  I also assigned p. 59-Latitude and Longitude.  We'll be correcting it on Thursday.


We'll be participating in a school-wide Terry Fox celebration on Friday.  
Students who bring $1 can be out of uniform and wear colours. 
All  money raised will go towards cancer research.

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