Tuesday, 26 September 2017

We were very busy today learning new material and practising what we're learning.

8ELA-We read and talked about three new poems today which were very different from the other ones we've read.  One class had a double and the other didn't so the homework is different.  HOMEWORK:  8M-NATURE POEM ROUGH DRAFT DUE TOMORROW.  8B-NATURE POEM BRAINSTORMING DUE TOMORROW--BE PREPARED TO WRITE YOUR ROUGH DRAFT.  BOTH CLASSES HAVE SPELLING HOMEWORK THAT IS DUE TOMORROW.

8SS-We reviewed work I handed back.  Many people did very well on the Chronology Quiz.  Today we learned history-related vocabulary and started to really READ our textbook.  We created a frame for notes tomorrow.  HOMEWORK:  VOCABULARY WORKSHEET DUE TOMORROW.

7SS-We used today as a work class for Latitude and Longitude.  HOMEWORK:  LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE WORKSHEET DUE TOMORROW.

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