Monday, 3 October 2016

A Busy Monday

8ELA-Skills Tests were reviewed in class and were sent home today for parent signatures.  We did Spelling Unit 4 with a focus on silent letters.  We'll be correcting on Wednesday with a test on Friday. These were hard words and will need students applying the Key Concepts we learned in class.  I returned two poems we worked on. Several students were asked to redo their work because so much of the criteria was not met.  All redo work must be turned in by Friday.  There were many excellent poems; some were moody and sad while others were calm and peaceful, some were about wonderful fall scents and some were about the sounds of autumn.  We then corrected questions on the short article "Survival Shelters".  Students are learning the characteristics of strong expository writing.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 4.

8SS-This was a class dedicated to answering the questions from last Friday.  The topic is Mesolithic and Neolithic Times.  HOMEWORK:  MESO AND NEO TIMES Q 1-6.

7SS-We used this for study time.  A test on unit has been scheduled for Wednesday.  Students need to be confident in their knowledge of latitude and longitude, map projections, and time zones.  HOMEWORK:  TEST PREPARATION.

**Please remember to bring in your can of stew or chili for our Student Council Food Drive.  Only four days left!  The house to bring in the most donations gets 25 points!  Good luck!

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