Monday, 5 December 2016

A Busy Monday
We celebrated our second Advent service this morning.
8ELA-We did a new spelling using and a skills unit focussing on complete sentences.  This was followed by Library and Reading class.  8M missed their Reading due to the Advent service.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING #9 AND SKILLS-SENTENCES (4 PAGES).

8SS - We learned about hieroglyphs today and the Rosetta Stone.  We have a decision to make about it too.  HOMEWORK:  DEVELOPMENT OF WRITING Q 1-4 (INCLUDING THE PINK QUESTION)

7SS-We reviewed our notes on Land Cover and Land Use from last week.  We worked on our Land Cover worksheet and made predictions as to whether a country will be densely populated or not based on Land Use.  HOMEWORK:  LAND COVER WORKSHEET.

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