Thursday, 3 November 2016

Long Time, No Talk
Things have been so busy I haven't been able to update the blog.  Don't worry!  We're back on track.

8ELA-Today we read "The Rabbit" by R. P. MacIntyre and worked on questions to go with it.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING TEST TOMORROW.  VERB TEST TOMORROW.  "THE RABBIT" Q 1-6 DUE TOMORROW.  NO JOURNALS TOMORROW.

8SS- Yesterday we read about the geography of Egypt and the importance of the Nile River.  HOMEWORK:  EGYPTIAN GEOGRAPHY Q 1-3, PLUS 4 PLUS THE EGYPT MAP.

7SS-In yesterday's class we worked on our second continent project.  Last unit had us working with a partner but this time, we're on our own.  It wasn't for homework and we didn't have a class today.  We'll be working on it tomorrow.

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