Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A Busy Day

8ELA-We corrected the questions belonging to "Solo to the Pole".  While doing this we recognized ways to improve our writing regarding format and style.  Many of us didn't score well BUT we know how to improve our grades on future assignments.  8M proceeded onto the next piece of literature, "Survival Shelters" and was assigned five questions.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING AND SKILLS TOMORROW. 8M ONLY--"SURVIVAL SHELTERS" Q 1-5.

8SS-We learned about the reading strategy SQ3R which gets our brains ready to read and helps us retain information.  We read two pages from our text and learned about the earliest humans, their simple societies and migration around the world.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS-We worked online today planning an imaginary trip to two locations around the world.  We used our latitude and longitude skills, measuring time knowledge, integrated technology into our learning, and became more familiar with how atlases work.  NO HOMEWORK.

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