Friday, 23 September 2016

8ELA-We did our unit 2 spelling test followed by peer conferencing for our mood poems.  We then made notes on Non-Fiction Writing.  We read the article "Solo to the Pole" by Chris Bonington and copied 6 questions relating to the article.  We discussed the expectations for grade 8 level writing.  HOMEWORK:  "SOLO TO THE POLE" QUESTIONS.  MOOD POEMS.

8SS-We talked a little about the definition of prehistory then we did an activity where we sorted dates into a timeline followed by making predictions of when historic events took place.  NO HOMEWORK.

7SS- We talked about the advantages and disadvantages of globes and flat maps.  We also looked at different map projections and the impact on size and shape.  HOMEWORK:  COMPARING MAP PROJECTIONS WORKSHEET.

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