Tuesday, 20 September 2016

7SS-We've been working on time zones so we spent time making notes on the important characteristics of time zones.  We then started working on worksheets to apply what we've learned and they'll be corrected next class.  HOMEWORK:  PAGES 61, 62, 63 lONGITUDE AND TIME.

8M ELA-I collected the Senses poems and signed tests.  We worked on Literary Devices (mood/sensory language) and did an activity using descriptive, sensory vocabulary.  HOMEWORK:  SPELLING UNIT 2, BRING BACK SIGNED TESTS.

8B ELA-We peer conferenced using our Senses/Swift/Slow poems.  We reviewed our Journals, spelling tests, and skills tests.  We made notes on Literary devices and did an activity using descriptive, sensory language.  We did Spelling Unit 2 Precheck.  HOMEWORK:  BRING BACK SIGNED SKILLS TESTS.  GOOD COPY POEMS DUE TOMORROW.  SPELLING UNIT 2.

8SS- We're learning about Origin Stories.  We read 5 versions from different cultures and pulled the major characteristics out of each story.  We then started a list to present to the class.  NO HOMEWORK.

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