Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Recovered from Shovelling?

Many students were missing yesterday so it wasn't possible to move forward or start the planned new material.  However, mostly everyone was back today so school returned to normal.

8ELA-We corrected spelling #9 and skills (which focussed on correct sentence structure).  We had library and Reading Class.  NO HOMEWORK

7SS-I collected our paragraph assignments on climate change and met with students who were away.  We made predictions of population based on what we've learned so far, specifically climate, land cover, and land use. We learned the top ten most populated countries in the world and noted that 7 of them come from Asia.  We also learned that Nigeria is experiencing rapid population growth while other populous countries are experiencing population slow down.  NO HOMEWORK.

8SS-I collected pink questions on the Rosetta Stone.  We corrected the questions on Development of Writing and had a quasi-debate.  NO HOMEWORK.

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