Friday, 21 September 2018

8ELA-We were very busy today!  We had our Reading Period and did our spelling tests.  I collected their Reading Journals and the senses/swift-slow poems.  I was away yesterday and left an article for students to read so today, I reviewed the questions with the 8M class and they had some work time.  HOMEWORK:  8M ONLY-MOOD POEMS DUE ON MONDAY.  8B ONLY-MOOD POEMS THIRD DRAFT DUE ON MONDAY. 

8SS-I reviewed the activity done yesterday when I was away, including the notes.  Then we discussed a new worksheet that helps us discover new words by focussing on the prefixes and suffixes.  The goal of the worksheet is to learn where so many of our social studies words come from.  HOMEWORK:  WORDS WORKSHEET DUE MONDAY.

7SS-We were finally able to do the Weekly Update and learned about a playground being built on Selkirk Avenue, the theft problem at the liquor stores, the large Terry Fox run last Sunday, and volunteering at the museum.  We study the news and discuss so we know what's happening locally, nationally, and internationally.  We then connect it to our learning in the classroom.  HOMEWORK:  FROM YESTERDAY:  LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE WORKSHEET.

We were outside today doing our Terry Fox Run/Walk.  
It raised money for cancer research and it was fun being outside. 
I'm sure everyone will be tired tonight!

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