Tuesday, 11 September 2018

8ELA-We started our class with our daily 20 minutes of reading.  Then we shared our second draft of a favourite summer memory.  After this, we started talking about how our senses are affected in fall; we talked about the things we smell, taste, hear, see, and feel in September and October.  This discussion turned into a brainstorming chart.  We also started the poem "Senses". HOMEWORK:  SPELLING DUE TOMORROW, READING JOURNAL FRIDAY, SUMMER MEMORY PARAGRAPH DUE THURSDAY.

8SS-We corrected and discussed the homework from last night (Talking about History).  We started reading about primary and secondary sources.  NO HOMEWORK.

**I'm still waiting on some supplies to come in; I'm looking for Kleenex and copy paper.  There are still a few immunization forms due.  Please submit all outstanding material.

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