Wednesday, 21 February 2018

8ELA-We corrected the I am David movie reflection.  I distributed the novel study projects and reviewed the rubrics with students.  I met with groups for strategies on how to begin and be successful on the projects.  HOMEWORK:  NO JOURNALS, SPELLING OR SKILLS THIS WEEK.  DO RESEARCH FOR PROJECTS.

8SS-We were on a website belonging to the British Museum in London and used their Sparta information.  We learned how the Spartan lifestyle began then played a fun video game to see who would make a successful Spartan...and who would not.  HOMEWORK:  SPARTA PART 2-Q 6 AND 7 PLUS THE PINK QUESTION #8.

7SS-We reviewed the questions from yesterday's activity focussing on Happy and Healthy Life; I also randomly called in homework for marking.  Today we did an activity focussing on Healthy Planet--Lulia had to be the earth and she was a good sport.  HOMEWORK:  HEALTHY PLANET REFLECTION.

Reminder: For students who have missed a spelling test, tomorrow is your day for writing.  
This will be done during the Reading Class.

Mount Olympus Challenge-After reading myth 3, you must present me with a password.  
The password is:  
the third word of the first paragraph,
the first word of the third paragraph,
and the last word of the eighth paragraph.

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