Monday, 26 February 2018

8ELA-We continued working on our I am David projects. This was followed by a Reading Class.  Tomorrow we'll be doing fine tuning, peer conferencing, and practicing our presentations.  HOMEWORK:  PROJECT WORK (DUE THURSDAY), READING JOURNALS DUE FRIDAY.

8SS-We learned about Athens today and noted the difference between it and Sparta; we focussed on the idea of slavery in a "free-thinking" society.  HOMEWORK:  ATHENS Q 1-4 PLUS THE PINK QUESTION #5.

7SS-We did an activity today which focussed on a Peaceful and Equal Future and spent some time on a Reflection.  I also introduced the project; in it, students must choose a Development Goal to work on and create an event/campaign to support it.  HOMEWORK:  FOR WEDNESDAY'S CLASS, STUDENTS SHOULD HAVE THE GOAL CHOSEN AND THE CIRCLE GRAPH FOR IT COMPLETED.

Mount Olympus Challengers:  Be sure your Wednesday Warrior is ready to compete, physically. 
If he or she doesn't "look" ready, he or she WON'T be competing.  
We'll be having our own mini-Olympics!

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