Thursday, 21 February 2019

8ELA-We had our Reading period followed by the continuation of key Concept #2 in media literacy (Audiences Negotiate Meaning).  I also conferenced with students on their independent writing pieces and some students worked on their SS projects.  HOMEWORK:  GIANT SPELLING TEST, JOURNALS DUE TOMORROW.  TARGET MARKET WORKSHEETS DUE TOMORROW (THESE WILL REQUIRE STUDENTS TO WATCH TWO TV SHOWS),  C&C WRITING DUE ON MONDAY.

8SS-We learned about the birth of democracy in ancient Greece.  We learned about Solon and Cleisenthenes and various forms of government.  We also watched a short video on the topic.  HOMEWORK:  GREEK DEMOCRACY DEFINITIONS AND WORKSHEET.

7SS-We focussed on the first cluster of the Global Goals--those focussing on Happy and Healthy Life.  We did an activity that made it plain that all people should have the same minimums in life (food, water, shelter) to be successful.  HOMEWORK:  HAPPY AND HEALTHY LIFE Q 1-5 DUE TOMORROW.

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