Monday, 5 November 2018

8ELA-We worked on a tricky new spelling unit; it focussed on ei/ie words.  We also spent time learning the irregular verbs in the past, present,and future forms.  During Reading period, I met with students and checked their first term reading compared to their goals.  HOMEWORK:  GET ADJECTIVE TEST SIGNED.  SPELLING AND SKILLS DUE WEDNESDAY.  JOURNALS DUE FRIDAY.

8SS-We continued learning about the Egyptians and their religions; today's focus was on how reacted to death and how they handled the body.  HOMEWORK:  EGYPTIAN RELIGION Q 1-4, AND EGYPTIAN DEATH AND PYRAMIDS Q 1-5.

7SS-We corrected the Europe map and starting learning the geography of Africa.  HOMEWORK:  AFRICA MAP.

Please remember that tomorrow is an early dismissal at 2:00.

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