Wednesday, 14 March 2018

8ELA-We corrected lesson 17 in spelling and our grammar worksheets on subject/predicate rules and sentence fragments/run-on sentences.  This was followed by our Reading Class.  HOMEWORK:  JOURNALS DUE FRIDAY.  SPELLING TEST FRIDAY. 

8SS-We continue to learn about democracy and the ideas surrounding citizenship.  We are putting our learning into a chart form to make the comparison between ancient Athenian democracy and modern Canadian democracy.

7SS-We finished up with our SDG project presentations and starting learning about human rights with an activity called Sharing the Island.  NO HOMEWORK.

Mount Olympus Challenge

Before the challenge
  on the morning of,
present a gift
  to show your love.

Steve Jobs,
Snow White's Queen,
New York City,
Adam's Eve.

Tradition says,
  it must be this!
For your prize,
  raise her bliss!

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